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Natural Glow Up: My Favorite Collagen Products

Collagen is one of the most popular supplements on the wellness scene for a reason. It is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. Collagen is “the main structural protein that forms the connective tissue throughout our body, from the skin to bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.” The protein works with a compound called elastin to make our skin more flexible, elastic, and youthful-looking. Over time, our level of collagen production decreases, and the effects become more apparent as we get older. I have three favorite products that I turn to as a way to potentially boost my collagen production. I have seen dramatic increases in my hair and nail growth, and my skin looks so glowy and soft. I am a supporter of trying to naturally upgrade myself by changing my diet and skincare routine. My go-to collagen-boosting products are: 

Vital Proteins Collagen Powder 

This powder is one of the most versatile collagen products. Vital Proteins contains bovine collagen and I personally like to add this powder to smoothies, desserts, and soups. The brand also has a variety of flavors and I am a huge fan of their creamer and matcha lines.

Copina Co – Cacao Calm Beauty 

I drink Copina Co Cacao Calm Beauty because not only does it contain collagen-boosting grape seed oil, it also has ashwagandha. Ashwagandha helps to relieve stress and calm your mood. The Copina Co brand is a small woman-owned brand that delivers high-quality plant-based products. Get a discount for Copina Co products here. 

The Beauty Chef – Collagen Boost 

The Beauty Chef Collagen Boost is a liquid supplement that can be added to water, smoothies, and other beverages. The Beauty Chef Collagen Boost is formulated with pre and probiotics to help aid digestion. Over time I noticed that since taking Collagen Boost, my stomach feels a lot better and my bloating has decreased a lot.

And there you have it! These three products are a staple in my routine for different reasons, but the all have one thing in common– collagen! I hope anyone curious about collagen finds this helpful. As always, seek medical and professional help if you have questions or concerns.


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