Social Media Marketing

How to Grow from 0 to 2k on Instagram

Since my last post on social media marketing was helpful to a lot of you, I wanted to make a post about audience growth. I have gone over the basics of how to set up your IG profile and how to attract brands, but now I am going to share how I grew my account from 0 to 2k followers organically in less than a year! With these tactics I was able to gain followers without spending money on courses, spending hours liking and commenting on posts, or paying for followers. Having a strategy is necessary because Instagram is a competitive landscape and growing your audience organically can be a bit challenging. Here are my top 4 tips:

1) Engage with Other Members of Your Niche Daily 

One of the best ways to be seen is to put yourself out there. Afterall, on social media it’s a no brainer that you act social. First you should like and comment on the posts of people you already follow regularly. Next, I recommend that you take the time to like and comment on posts from new accounts that are related to what you post about. For more details, read about how to use the $1.80 Strategy by Gary Vee to start and go from there.

2) Post Consistently 

Your content from a few weeks ago will eventually become stale and no longer appear on anyone’s feed. This reduces the chances of someone engaging with or following your content. The best way to combat your content going stale is to make sure you are sharing to Instagram daily. Even if you do not have an in-feed post, be sure to snap a quick photo to add to your story. I will be coming out with a realistic content calendar for beginners soon so stay tuned!

3) Create Shareable Content 

Creating content that is sharable ensures that it will go beyond the limits of your account’s reach. Sharable content can help you diversify your audience, especially if you are just starting out. If you are lucky, your content will be shared by pages with a large following. This type of content is usually relatable, inspirational, or educational in some way. Some examples include: 

  • Infographics 
  • Quotes
  • Recipes
  • Outfit Ideas
  • Educational Content
  • Product Photos

4) Have a Solid Hashtag Strategy 

A solid hashtag strategy is the best way to grow once you have an engaged audience. I see so many people shy away from using hashtags because they think it’s not cool, but to be realistic, without hashtags your page will only grow so much. Don’t know where to start? HERE is a link to download my FREE Hashtag Strategy Cheat Sheet. This strategy I have come up with has helped me tailor my hashtags to my needs and allow my IG posts to get seen by 3k+ users at a minimum. Please note that it will arrive to your inbox in about an hour!

**Bonus** – stay on or ahead of trends! Early adopters get rewarded tremendously. If IG releases a new feature, test it out! If a topic is being widely discussed? Join the conversation! 

Ultimately, how frequently you utilize these methods is up to you, but I find that when you use all of these simultaneously you get the best results. Has this post helped you at all? Let me know in the comments! 

Happy Growing ✨